Friday, September 11, 2020

Why Choose Vendor-Neutral Certifications Like CompTIA

It can be difficult to choose a single certification to pursue as you work towards new job positions or try to add to your resume. Although certain qualifications are obviously beneficial because a large number of employers want staff who possess them, others are extremely hard for trainees to distinguish between.

Here are some basics on deciding whether qualifications like the CompTIA® Network Certification are worth your training time. For more information on what this standard entails and how to get started,

Firms need to know that they’ll be able to apply an employee’s skills to their unique goals. CompTIA Network Certifications focus on objectives that are readily applicable to a significantly wide range of jobs and projects. By gaining general expertise in areas like media and topologies, network support, network implementation, and protocols and standards, professionals can usually transition their talents to a wider range of specific network implementations and job disciplines.

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